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The purpose of this public meeting is to hear public comment on the applications for an Official Plan and Zoning By-law amendments for a proposed residential condominium development on a parcel of land located at 12433 Dillon Drive.

The application for the proposed Official Plan amendment is requesting a redesignation of the parcel of land from "Community Facility" to "Residential" to accommodate the proposed development.

The associated proposed Zoning By-law amendment application is requesting to change the zoning from "Community Facility Zone" and "Residential Zone 1 (R1 )" to a site specific "Residential Zone 3 (R3-16)". The proposed R3-16 zone would permit the proposed residential uses and establish various site specific zone provisions. In addition, the proposed rezoning would add a definition for the term "stacked townhouse dwelling unit" to the definitions section of Tecumseh Zoning By-law 1746.

Re: Planning Report, Proposed Briday Housing Development by Storey Samways Planning LTD., on behalf of Tarma and Tony Teno

Re: Planning Report, Proposed Briday Housing Development for 12433 Dillion Drive by Storey Samways Planning Ltd 

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